The Beginning


Starting out in 1958 as a small company promoting consumer goods, Abdul Aziz Saud Al-Babtain & Sons Co. drew strategic future plans that proved to be effective throughout the years. Today, the group has developed into one of the biggest family-owned groups in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

This growth was the result of further investments in consumer goods as well as venturing into different industries. Our portfolio includes acquisitions and investments in the fields of Real Estate, Education, Entertainment, International Companies and Banks, Electrical Appliances, Electronics, and FMCG.

We take pride in our two core assets; our people and our affiliates. They are the essential elements that define us. Our people are our backbone; their talent, skills, experience and passion is what aids us up the ladder of success. Adding our affiliates to the mix, their constant support and professional know-how, completes the picture and creates a fully-rounded group that keeps soaring upwards into the future.

Additionally, our Chairman’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility has resulted in major initiatives that promote Arabic literature and regional harmony and has initiated an ongoing tradition of donations to deserving causes.